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foundational beliefs

The Snack Sack believes the families in our network deserve holistic, wrap-around support from us year round. We've developed these four foundational beliefs to guide our efforts in ensuring Snack Sack families experience financial, mental, educational, and joyful experiences based on their individual needs. Read more about our pillars below!

the snack sack pillars

foundational needs

All kids deserve full tummies. That's why we support families in The Snack Sack network with stable, reliable, frequent access to meal options. 

Between Snack Sack deliveries that send household essentials and non-perishable items straight to your door, to local grocery pickup or gift cards, to hot & fresh meals - the Snack Sack team will work closely with household decision makers to find a solution that works best for each individual family. 

Image by Maddi Bazzocco
Positive identity

We provide monthly activities centered around joyful 

family experiences such as cooking, games, outings, and other positive memory makers that encourage interaction. 

Kids in The Snack Sack Network are also able to participate in educational endeavors such as book clubs that allow children to learn and grow from characters that look just like them.

Crises prevention

We believe marginalized communities deserve support tailored to fit their immediate needs. We work closely with household decision makers to answer emergency requests around: 

  • Rent & Utilities

  • Safe harbor from domestic violence, natural disasters, and public safety concerns

  • Medications & healthcare supplies

  • Urgent transportation

  • And more!

Image by Tim Mossholder
spreading joy

We believe JOY is a right, not a privilege. With that mindset we aim to provide joyful experiences for as many of our families as possible. 


Every month a unique family is chosen to experience a day out with all expenses paid, families are chosen weekly for our Safer at Home (dinner & a movie) program, and we have even sent five families on an all expenses paid trip to Disney.

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