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The Snack Sack is a mutual aid group that supports black and brown families facing food insecurity with snacks and other essentials. Founded by Chamieka House-Osuya in April 2020, The Snack Sack fills the gap created when kids were suddenly forced to stay home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic instead of attending school, where many of them got their meals. The Snack Sack relies on peer-to-peer mutual aid, with 100% of donations going towards fulfilling requests from families for the items they request, and are shipped directly to their home.

our mission

Our mission is to provide black and brown kids facing food insecurity with resources to keep up with their peers in the classroom. More than 54 million people, including 18 million children, may experience food insecurity in 2020 - this is made worse by the COVID-19 pandemic. Food insecurity disproportionately affects children of color, who struggle to keep up when they do not have access to the same resources as their classmates. The Snack Sack believes that by providing all kids the same basic resources, we can level the playing field for black and brown kids to succeed in any learning environment - physically or virtually.

Meet the team

Chamieka House-Osuya

Chamieka House-Osuya is the founder of The Snack Sack. She has a long history of being a community champion and advocate for those in need, especially children. Her career background is in education administration and social work. She is a court appointed special advocate (CASA) and a big sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. She was a foster and is now an adoptive parent. Chamieka was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, and now lives with her partner and wonderful children in Texas, where she is pursuing her Master’s degree.

Chamieka House-Osuya is a dedicated child, family, and community advocate. She is skilled in community outreach, crisis management, and relationship building. 

When COVID-19 hit, she noticed that she was buying more food with her kids home. She thought of the thousands of other families across America experiencing the same. From what started as a simple idea, The Snack Sack was born.

Chamieka is not only the founder of The Snack Sack, she also has a long history of being a community champion and advocate for those in need, especially children. Her career background is in education administration and social work, and she is a court appointed special advocate (CASA), and a was previously a big sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization.

While in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she was a foster parent and then became an adoptive parent. She now lives with her partner and their wonderful children in Texas where she is pursuing her Master’s degree.


English Anderson

English currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska, after spending 8 years overseas on military orders. She has a degree in Marketing & Communications, with a minor in Digital Audiences. Her specialty is in paid and owned media outlets, primarily with social platforms. English worked as an aid in an elementary school, and saw how many families relied on free or reduced lunches. She understands that losing regular access to these meals, plus other hardships, is placing undue stress on kids. English is passionate about being part of a mutual aid group, where every dollar goes back into the communities that need it.


Melanie Passajou

Melanie is a freelance Graphic Designer based out of Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Boone, North Carolina, she graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Her creative process combines analog and digital processes. She has experience in branding and logo design, as well as exhibition, print and digital design. Melanie believes that graphic design is a compelling mode of communication and a means of advocacy for social change.


Sarah Pressman

Sarah is a Training Specialist for a local nonprofit with international reach. She has a master’s degree in Spanish Linguistics and has taught and tutored both Spanish and English. She is passionate about working with others to develop and enhance one’s personal, professional, and academic skill sets. Sarah is committed to unlearning and relearning in order to break down barriers and rebuild a more equitable world for all. She lives with her partner, teenage daughter, and three cats in her hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 

Reeves,Shira_website photo.jpg

Shira Reeves

Shira was born and raised in a suburb of Detroit, MI and currently lives with her family in Silver Spring, MD, outside Washington, DC.  She holds a bachelor's degree in music, is a freelance flutist,  and is active in her family’s faith community. Shira is passionate about social and racial justice and in the importance of working with her husband and children on their family’s anti-racist journey. She is serious about her responsibility to use her time, energy, privilege, and skills to eliminate the hardships of marginalized members of our society. Shira is honored to be joining The Snack Sack team. 

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