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The Snack Sack is a mutual aid group that supports Black and Brown families facing food insecurity and other access hurdles due to systemic racism with snacks and other essentials. Founded by Chamieka House-Osuya in April 2020, The Snack Sack fills the gap created when kids were suddenly forced to stay home as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic instead of attending school, where many of them got their meals. The Snack Sack relies on peer-to-peer mutual aid, with donations going toward meeting immediate needs in families facing food, housing, medical, safe harbor, and other insecurities as a direct result of systemic racial oppressions.

our mission

Our mission is to provide wraparound community based services to Black and Brown families in the form of financial assistance, life essentials, and experiences of joy through direct giving and mutual aid.

Meet the team

Chamieka House-Osuya

founder & CEO

Chamieka House-Osuya is the founder of The Snack Sack. She has a long history of being a community champion and advocate for those in need, especially children. Her career background is in education administration and social work. She is a court appointed special advocate (CASA) and a big sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. She was a foster and is now an adoptive parent. Chamieka was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin, and now lives with her partner and wonderful children in Texas, where she is pursuing her Master’s degree.

Chamieka House-Osuya is a dedicated child, family, and community advocate. She is skilled in community outreach, crisis management, and relationship building. 

When COVID-19 hit, she noticed that she was buying more food with her kids home. She thought of the thousands of other families across America experiencing the same. From what started as a simple idea, The Snack Sack was born.

Chamieka is not only the founder of The Snack Sack, she also has a long history of being a community champion and advocate for those in need, especially children. Her career background is in education administration and social work, and she is a court appointed special advocate (CASA), and a was previously a big sister in Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization.

While in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, she was a foster parent and then became an adoptive parent. She now lives with her partner and their wonderful children in Texas where she is pursuing her Master’s degree.


English Anderson

team manager

English's role within The Snack Sack is to provide support as a project manager and resource for the entire team. She comes from a marketing background with focuses in Communication & Digital Audiences through an undergraduate degree from ASU, and currently works as a Digital Media Manager for an advertising agency. English resides in Alaska with her husband and four dogs, and volunteers her non-working time to supporting Black business owners. This type of support manifests as marketing guidances, project management, and digital content needs. English has worked in the education system and has seen first hand the barriers to accessing basic necessities for Black and brown families. She believes that access to food, shelter, safety, and quality healthcare are a right, not a privilege; she joined The Snack Sack because they work to make this a reality.


Shira Reeves

Operations Team Lead

Shira Reeves manages ordering and family outreach with the rest of the Operations Team, and is tasked with establishing best practices in order to ensure our families are well taken care of. She has a background in family relations and customer service through her many years of work in a synagogue, co-op preschool, and Sunday school. She also serves on the board of directors and social action committee of Kehila Chadasha, serving her family’s faith community. In her spare time, Shira enjoys spending time with her family, soaking in the beauty of the outdoors, music, cooking, and watching TV. Her work for The Snack Sack is reparations labor as part of her anti-racist journey. Shira is dedicated to the details of family service for The Snack Sack in order to ease and improve the experiences of the families served.

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Caylee Wilson

social media specialist

Caylee Wilson handles all social media accounts, assist with graphic and content creation, and assist with the creation of marketing plans and strategies, as well as assist with operational duties as needed. She has been concentrating in social media for the past 3 years. Caylee has recently graduated from Florida State University with her BS in Marketing and Advertising. She plans to begin her master’s in integrated marketing communication in the Fall of 2021. In her spare time, Caylee enjoys working out or watching movies with her cat, Kody. Caylee believes that you can always make it a better tomorrow, no matter how big or small it may be, there is always tomorrow. Caylee focus is solely on making another person’s day, however that may be, she believes that in this role she can play a part in others as needed.


Brittany Stubblefield-Engram

Operations specialist

Brittany focuses on The Snack Sack family outreach and the development of systems to enhance the overall Snack Sack experience. Her work in community support began as co-founder of Rudolphus and Lisa, Inc, a non-profit organization founded by her husband focusing on STEM Enrichment. Brittany recently obtained an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts and is now pursuing a Bachelors of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies. When Brittany desires some wind down time from changing the world, she enjoys reading, spending time with her husband and son, and binge watching her favorite sitcoms.Brittany is passionate about dismantling systems designed to oppress BIPOC and is inspired by the advancement and liberation of all Black people. Her favorite inspirational quote is: “All that you touch You Change. All that you Change. Changes you. The only lasting truth is Change. God is Change.” From Sci-fi author and the mother of afrofuturism, Octavia Butler.

Alanna Kelly

donor outreach specialist

Alanna works to provide updates to The Snack Sack donors and familes with regular newsletters, as well as supporting the Operations Team with administrative tasks. Alanna holds a graduate degree in Healthcare Administration from USC, a B.A. in psychology and music from Columbia University, and an Associate of Applied Science in Medical Assisting from Heald College. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic she worked in ophthalmology as a clinical manager, trainer, technician, and diagnostics assistant. Alanna enjoys everything about cooking and food preparation, and she’s an avid MCU fan. She learns something every day about raising her two young children. She has been involved in anti-racist social justice since 2014, and her current activism is focused on paying both financial and time reparations to Black and brown communities, organizations, and individuals. She joined The Snack Sack becaus it is a concrete, vibrant force for change.


Verity Baker

Operations specialist

Verity functions within the Operations Team to support family outreach, events, and other needs. Aside from joining The Snack Sack team in February, she has been working as an Advocate for Head Start in Minneapolis for the past seven years and is now the Director of Early Intervention Services for Head Start. Verity graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature. In her spare time, Verity enjoys taking her puppy, Hazel-Rah, to the dog park and on other fun adventures. She also enjoys making buttons for various causes and events. Verity is the oldest of five girls, and just became an Aunt for the first time this Fall. Verity believes in reparations for Black people and showing up when called to action. Verity is here to get the job done, by supporting the amazing team here at The Snack Sack.

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Brenna Kutch

Blog & content writer

Brenna (they/them or she/her) assist with blog content through educational pieces, as well as other written content needs such as articles, white papers, and more. She is a self-described bureaucratic activist - creating structural change through policy and organizational inclusion. They spend their time writing strongly worded opinions, joining social justice and human rights causes, challenging binaries, and over-committing. Their professional career is in public education and international development with a focus on Human Resources and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, and they currently work at USAID's Office of Food for Peace.

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Looking for highly dedicated individuals focused on providing the best care possible to our Black and brown families everywhere. 

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