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"Nobody gets turned away": 3 differences between mutual aid and charity

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Our founder, Chamieka, shares with the Daily Mail three ways mutual aid groups like The Snack Sack differ from traditional charity.

1. Low barrier to entry: Unlike traditional government-funded programs or charity groups that require families to prove they are “qualified” to receive donations, The Snack Sack gives support to anyone who asks. We trust those who ask for support need it. Families opt out of receiving additional snacks once they are in a more comfortable situation, understanding that resources can be provided to others in more urgent need instead.

2. Peer-to-peer support: Instead of relying on well-funded organizations or wealthy donors to “share the wealth” with those less fortunate, The Snack Sack provides peer-to-peer community care. We rely on a community of families and individuals to support each other when they are temporarily facing hardship by providing one another with snacks and other essentials. As Chamieka shared in the interview, “Children are feeling the effects and trauma of this just like anybody else. This is community care; the community at large looking out for each other.”

3. Direct resources: Instead of requiring families to wait for funds to arrive that they can use to go to a grocery store or have to wait in line at a food bank, The Snack Sack ships the essentials right to their door. These shipments are 100% funded by donations from our community. There is no dollar wasted on operating costs, or time wasted - “we're providing direct care and access for individuals and families in need right now.”

You can read and share the full article in the Daily Mail.

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