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2020 in Review

In April 2020, Chamieka founded The Snack Sack as an urgent solution for families/individuals facing food insecurity due to the pandemic and school closures. Throughout the year, The Snack Sack has grown - not only in community members and our family network, but also in how we are able to provide support.

Since April, we’ve raised over $100,000! This translates into groceries, medications, shelter, heat, electricity, and peace of mind for our community members.

Our work - with YOUR continued support - has made this possible, but 2020 doesn't signal the end of food insecurity, food deserts, marginalization, concentrated poverty and systemic racism. With a pandemic and recession on our hands, it's more important than ever

for us to continue this work, continuing advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves and speaking out about the root causes of these inequities.

Direct giving initiatives like ours are paramount in providing immediate relief to the millions of people who are facing food insecurity, poverty, medical discrimination, and more - all because of the color of their skin.

Time to dig in and do the hard work. 2021 - we're coming for you. Donate when possible. Share our message. Share our posts. Amplify Black and Brown leaders. Our community has accomplished so much, but we can do more together.

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